How many Little Shades come in a box?

There is one Little Shade™ included with each purchase, the box includes 1 sheet of transparent film with your selected design that measures 500mm (h) x 800mm (w).

Will it fit my car window?

Each Little shade measures 500mm (H) x 800mm (L). They fit the majority of car windows, even those with a separate side/quater panel. If you have a large car window we suggest you measure it to ensure the correct fit. As our designs are continuous patterns you can purchase 2 Little Shades for the super sized windows and join them together.

For NZ Customers: Please note that for Sedan, Station Wagon, Hatch-back and Convertibles the Little Shade must be completely within 100mm(10cm) of the edge of your window. For all other vehicles (SUVs, Vans, Utes etc) the Little Shade can be applied right to the edges of the Window.

Will they protect my child from UV Rays?

YES! Little Shades™ protect against approximately 60% of UV rays

Can I still wind down the window?

YES! Little Shades™ are applied to the inside of the window and do not affect the window functionality. It is important to let your Little shade dry for at least 24 Hours before you try this to avoid damage.

Can I still see out the window?

Yes you can. As we know Toddlers love to see what’s going as you travel in the car therefore are the perfect solution. A huge advantage of Little Shades™ over other products on the market is they do not block the view for mum or dad whilst the are driving, this even applies to night driving.

Can you see it from the outside?

NO you cant. It is just like looking at a black tinted window from the outside. This makes them very stealth and does not impact on the exterior look of your car.

How do I apply it?

We have taken all the complication away from applying your Little Shade. Inside the box you are provided with a detailed "Application Guide", or you can watch the step by step video on our website or Facebook.

Can the Little Shades™ be re-used?

No. Once you remove them we don't recommend being re-used as we cannot guarantee your Little Shade being removed without being damaged.

Does my Little Shade™ need to be removed when I take my car through the car wash?

Definitely not - As Little Shades™ are applied to the inside of the window you don't need to worry about them being damage from the outside.

Will it damage the glass window?

NO! Little Shades™ is made from a PVC material with an adhesive backing. So long as you don't use any sharp objects when applying to your window you will not scratch or damage the glass in anyway. Simply follow the application instructions and you will be fine.

Will the shade leave a sticky residue when removed?

No - There will be an outline of dot marks on your window (from where the glass has become dirty) however with a wet cloth this will clean off very easily.

Can I apply over tinted windows?

Yes you can however there is a requirement to let 35% VLT (Visual Light Transfer) through your window to enable your car to pass its WOF. Applying a little shade over an existing tinted window may reduce the VLT to less that 35% VLT putting your vehicle at risk of failing a WOF. You will need to check with your local WOF provider if you are unsure of this.

Do you do international orders?

Yes - simply contact us at littleshades2014@gmail.com and we will arrange shipping to a location of your choice. Shipping costs will be determined upon query.